Faith Christian T-Shirts Encouraging You To Be Strong To The Finish

Bold As A Lion Christian T-shirts
Faith Christian T-shirts

“Strong To The Finish” is one of the most popular Christian t-shirts sayings in 2019. Recently, I thought about one of the biggest differences in people: perspective! For example, when the devil looks at you, what does he see? Does it make him snicker or shake in his shoes? Does he see this snappin’ and snarlin’ faith filled tiger or a puny little pussycat? What’s your inner-man made of? (Prov 28:1)

The apostle Paul urges us to be “strengthened with might, through His spirit in the inner man.” (Eph 3:16) To stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong as Paul exhorts us to do (1Cor 16:13). This simple yet profound truth is our inspiration behind this Strong To The Finish Christian t-shirt. It’s a jungle out there! And there’s a prowlin’ pack of predators waitin’ to take you out. (Eph 6:12 &1 Pet 5:8) How? Through compromise, intimidation, and detours on your spiritual path. But, each time you “exercise yourself toward Godliness,” you look bigger and meaner to the enemy of your soul. (1Tim 4:7,8) In fact, when you stand firm in your faith and resist the devil, he actually tucks his tail and runs! (James 4:7) This message captured on these powerful Forgiven christian t-shirts are worth sharing with others around you.

The key here is not just you, but your Master. When you draw near to Him – Jesus draws near to you and becomes your source of spiritual strength and courage. In fact, a relationship with Jesus is the only thing that will ensure your survival. (1John 5:12) Sure, the devil will come back and try again to ruffle your fur, but your job is to be a lean, mean, chewin’ machine – spiritually speaking. As the radical Christian t-shirts goes, “Be Strong To The Finish”.