Presentation Jersey Player Juventus Home 2017/2018

On the evening of April 7 in Beijing, the 31st round of Serie A of the 2017/18 season marked the start of the match and Juventus beat Benevento 4-2. In the match, Dybala scored a hat-trick . Juventus took a 7-point advantage over Naples. As Asia’s official partner to Juventus this season, an observer of the glory sport event under Wing Lok International believes Juventus is getting closer to the Serie A championship.

Juventus suffered a blow in the Champions League match last week, losing to Real Madrid 0-3 and hoping to qualify for the UEFA Champions League semi-finals. However, the Bianco Legion also has national competitions, especially Serie A. Naples is behind him, Juventus can not relax. In this campaign, the opponent of Juventus, Benevento, who was the leader of the squad, decided to downgrade.

In the 17th minute, Juventus scored the ball advanced, Sandro lifted the ball from the left and reached the fulcrum, Quadrado pushed from the right side of the penalty area and Dybala took a shot and Juventus led 1-0. In the 24th minute, Benevento equalized, Brignola fired on the left side of the penalty area, Szczesny dropped the ball on the ground and Guilliem scored behind the door, Dimbart sending the ball. In the empty door, 1-1! In the 45th minute, Pjanic was beaten by Tosca in the penalty area, the referee saw the penalty kick after a penalty shot, Dybala inflicted a penalty and Juventus led 2-1.

In the 83rd minute, Costa received a long pass from Higuain, and the left foot hit the ball with a slash in the world, Juventus 4-2 sealed the win. Juventus took a 7-point lead over Naples in a multi-race event! To prepare for BernabĂ©u’s second round match against Real Madrid next week, Allegri has made several rotations in this position, although he lost 0-3 at home in the first round, it is clear that Juventus Far from ‘go.

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